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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sports world or Business world - In search of commonsense!

Recession is rocking things! Isn’t it?

Many corporate giants are finding it hard to survive while others have already closed the shop. Survival is again the key issue.

Representing training community – let me tell you that the first budget that ever cuts off in such times is that for trainings.

Enough is enough – Cutting training budget is not only shameful, but beyond common sense. Let me be more precise. What a team management does, when a particular soccer or a cricket team is not presenting well… Do they call off their entire training budget, insanely downsize and pray for a miracle to happen… Absolutely NO – as they have enough brains.

Now let’s come to the corporate side… training get synonyms to crime in times of recession. Downsizing (in the name of right-sizing is the first step) – seems rational because we always over hire (look for my next post for this subject). Do you realize how stupid this is…! You are asking your employees to do, what they have been doing – and so they will get more of what they have been getting (something that got you stuck today)…

So come-on my training buddies… go rationale… Solution lies in common sense!

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